then, gratin my way, not really ... it's mostly the way my girlfriend "pepette". during a coffee pose at home, she gave me this recipe that I was eager to do because it had me well this recipe .... I used only products ...

seafood graitn my way

then, gratin my way, not really ... it is especially the way of my girlfriend "pepette".

during a coffee pose at her place, she gave me this recipe that I was eager to do because it had me much better this recipe ....

I used only fresh produce but frozen makes the case ...

ingredient for 4 or 5

500g of squid

2 liters of mussels

200g walleye walnuts

200g shrimps with peeled pears

2 big quenelles of pike

1 nice piece of fish of your choice (I put cod)

1 small bottle of white wine




fish broth1/2l

start by cleaning your mussels put a little olive oil in a casserole cast iron and sauté onion eminces

add parsley garlic eminces and cook a little

add white wine and let reduce a little,

add the broth and let it warm a little

when it is hot,

add the mussels and return them permanently until when they are all open, when it is the case the sewers but well keep the juice ...

remove the bone of the calamari and the cleaning, the cuts grossly

put in the cast iron casseroles, with the juice, the scallops, the shrimp and cook just about 10 min,

drip but keep the cooking juices,

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