Now Open at Our New Location in Woodland. Offering Fresh Donuts, Pastries & Mexican Pastries. We Also Now Serve Hot Fresh Pizza made to order!

The Crazy Bakery


Jessica V.

The Crazy Bakery has some of the best pan dulce I've tried. The conchas are so fluffy and delicious.
Absolutely my favorite place in town to pick up pan dulce & bolillo rolls :)

Becky M.

I'll be back for sure! I had a cinnamon twist and it was the best donut I've had in years! The coffee was delicious and I grabbed churros for my family to enjoy later in the day and everyone really liked them too. I can't wait to come back and try more donuts and some of the specialties like flan and pan dulce. It's a feast for the eyes when you walk in because you're surrounded by so many fantastic options

Amanda M.

So I for sure liked them better when they were located in the sketch warehouse and you could walk in and peep them making pastries. It was like the whole ambiance was the best. Since they moved to be the not so secret bakery anymore they're still good, you just don't get the full effect like when it was hidden. The pastries are delicious and stay fresh for days which is so nice! My kids love coming and getting stuff for the week.
For sure check them out, you don't be dissatisfied.

Conchita M.

The most delicious Mexican bread in Woodland!! A wonderful environment and service!! Congratulations!!

Vanessa B.

Came here for a late night snack because my boyfriend and I were craving donuts at 11:00pm. They still had plenty of donuts left and lots of variety. Glazed was super soft and delicious. This will be our new spot for sure:)

Hailee M.

I ordered a variety of pan dulce from here and it was all super fresh and delicious! Would definitely recommend!

May A.

Donuts and Mexican pastries

I really liked their donuts here. We were on our way home from Napa and took the rural interstate (I-505) heading home towards Woodland. We took a quick detour and stopped by this bakery. Inside is a spacious bakery cafe that included a dining area for customers to sit and enjoy our food. I rang the bell for assistance. The employees were in the back preparing more goodies in the kitchen so while waiting for someone to assist us I had a chance to look at the yummy desserts offered -- assorted donuts, Mexican pastries, pastries, breads and other sweet treats. By the way, we walked in around 3:30ish so we were the only ones there.

I wasn't familiar with some of the desserts, some where inside refrigerators and, unfortunately, I have not had a lot of foodie experience with Mexican pastries, most of them didn't have any labels or descriptions so I wasn't sure of what to get, they all looked good, though, some colorful... like what are the pink pastries? Anyway, I stuck with what I do know -- donuts! I got a cinnamon roll and hubby got a chocolate glaze. The donuts were soft and delicious even at that late in the day and was not overly sweet, which I appreciated.

If I wasn't 30-miles away I'd be getting my donut fix here everyday.

Tom A.

Clean and spacious, quick service and great selection of donuts & pan dulces, the salsas they sell are amazing as well, must try. I recommend the maple old fashioned here

Nhu P.

I live in Davis and whenever I crave pan dulce, this is the place I always end up at. Everything is so moist and flavorful, making the drive totally worth it! I've been here about 5 times now and I have never not liked anything but I do have my favorites of course. If you're a pumpkin sucker like me, I definitely recommend the pumpkin pan dulce with pumpkin purée in the middle!

Carlos R.

Bread is really tasty and delicious. Best sweet/ bread I had so far. Will be definitely be coming here more often.

Tammy P.

We were looking for some donuts but had heard about Crazy Bakery so thought we would check them out. There is a great selection of Mexican pastries such as Conchas (there are even giant Conchas). There is not a large selection of regular donuts but a lot of baked goods to choose from. They also had a cold case with flan and other cold treats (saw those after we ordered and paid so we will need to go back.

Flores F.

Pretty good price, quality and selection at this place. Would go back again. Tamales, pan, all kinds of stuff.

Keith R.

HAVE AGAIN: Apple fritter is very good. Nice, attractive and clean bakery. Crumb donut ok but not very sweet.

Charlie P.

Stopped in super late and there were only a few donuts left. Was worried they would be stale but exceeded my expectations! Honestly was so good! Crisp outside, fluffy inside, and Perfect amount of frosting!

Natalia V.

Nice late night bakery. The conchas are amazing. Love trying new items. Gotta give the tamales a try. We hear nothing but good things about them.

Lorenzo G.

I ordered off door dash......... and it's boom. Really good super soft, you can tell it was made that day. Differently my New Mexican bakery!

Karymme R.

Really tasty donuts; fluffy, soft, and perfect size! Was a little disappointed about the chocolate frosted, there was no filling in there!! Thought it was going to be filled but ended up being little to nothing in the center ;-; Still very good donuts at a reasonable price!

Shana T.

Best donuts in town. Come in after 8pm for the freshest donuts you'll ever eat. Amazing!!

Ramsey T.

So I got off late from work last night and I have a horrible sweet tooth saw they were open around 11pm so I stopped in to see what they had I ordered a few chocolate donuts and the creme cheese with jalapeño, all of them were extremely fresh the chocolate donuts were so good not every sweet the chocolate didn't crumble. It was so good I came back again today hope this place stays open due to this covid I definitely recommend this place

Genavie M.

Really fresh made mexican bread, doughnuts, & other pastries. They also have a full bakery there, where they also make pizza's & make coffees! I haven't tried their pizza or coffee yet, but it's worth it to give it a try. They are conveniently located on main street in a shopping mall with plenty of parking.
I have had mexican bread & donuts from this bakery more than once and recommend it.

Jeremy M.

My kids and I walked into their new location and it clean , smelled good and stalked well, with a variety of pastries for my kids. We had an apple fritter and old fashion doughnut both were fresh and delicious

Sharon N.

I love Crazy bakery!! it has the best donuts in all of California. I come here all the time to get donuts for events. It's also a nice place to sit and enjoy your coffee, espresso, or tea. It is excellent. Great value for the quality and size of the donuts too.

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