Ingredients for 20 people For the dacquoise: 180g of hazelnuts 180g of icing sugar 80g of sugar 8 whites beaten in snow For the crunchy praliné: 100g of white chocolate 140g of gavottes for the mousse with the red fruits and the coulis: 2kg of fruits. ..

Dacquoise red fruit and white chocolate

Ingredients for 20 people
For dacquoise:
180g of hazelnuts
180g of icing sugar
80g of sugar
8 whites beaten in snow
For the crunchy praline:
100g of white chocolate
140g of gavottes
for red fruit mousse and coulis:
2kg frozen red berries
80cl cold whole liquid cream
8 gelatin sheets
140g icing sugar

Crunchy praline with red berries:
Make the dacquoise: Mix all the powders together. Beat the egg whites and add the powders little by little. Cook for 10 to 15 minutes at 170 ° C or 180 ° C. Make the crunchy: weigh and scramble your gavottes in your hands (think of your taxes ...) Melt the chocolate and pour it on the mixture . Mix with the Navy and spread on the dacquoise cold.Let a little harden a few minutes in the cool before pouring or laying the foam.
To finish
Prepare the red fruit mousse and its coulis: Soften 6 sheets of gelatin in a bowl of cold water. Beat the whole cold liquid cream with the sugar until you get a firm whipped cream, then place it in a cool place. Mix the red berries and pass them with a strainer to keep a very smooth coulis (500g for the Bavarian + 400g for the coulis) Reserve the 400g for the coulis in the fridge. Heat the 500g and then dilute the gelatin (softened and drained). Let cool down completely and add this coulis to the whipped cream. Mix and pour this cream into the mold. Leave overnight in the fridge. The next day, heat the 400g of coulis. Have the gelatin sheet softened and dewatered diluted. Let cool and pour over the Bavarian preparation of the day before. Put in the fridge a few hours and let it rest. Decorate according to your wishes .. Here was the 20 years of my godchild ...

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