For 5 generous verrines (I use glasses ... so it's very generous ......) 1 box of pears in syrup 1 package of speculos roughly crushes a little liquid caramel 500g of milk 6 yellow 70g of caster sugar 1 packet of vanilla sugar...

Pear/speculos improvised verrine

For 5 generous glasses (I use glasses ... so it's very generous ......)

1 box of pears in syrup

1pack of speculos roughly crushes

some liquid caramel

500g of milk

6 yolks

70g of caster sugar

1 bag of sugar vanilla

20g maize

You pour all the milk, yolks, sugar, maszena and vanilla sugar in the bowl of the cook'in, program7 minutes to 80 ° c in speed 3. At the END ring, a turbo stroke (5 seconds) Let cool.

Pour the equivalent of a big soup spoonful of cream in the bottom of the verrines, cubes the pears you share in the verrine over the cream (1poire: 1verrine) generously pour speculos crushes, pour a fillet of caramel and enjoy .....

 Pear/speculos improvised verrine
 Pear/speculos improvised verrine
Onion and tomato jam

INGREDIENTS (for about 4 jars like "good mom" 2 boxes crushed tomatoes 4 red sea peppers canned 500 g onion 10 cl balsamic vinegar 650 gr jam sugar Peel, cut onion into cubes. the vegetables......

 Fig jams

Ingredients (5 servings): - 2.5 kg of fresh figs 1 kg of sugar - 1 vanilla pod Preparation of the recipe: Wash the figs, then cut them by removing the tail. Put them in a bowl of jam, and pour the sugar on it. Let ......

 Curry butter pigeon

Ingredients for two: 2 pigeons, 100 g butter, a teaspoon of curry, a teaspoon of paprika. In a bowl I crushed the butter by mixing the curry and paprika until the three forms a homogeneous mixture. Light the oven......

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