For 5 generous verrines (I use glasses ... so it's very generous ......) 1 box of pears in syrup 1 package of speculos roughly crushes a little liquid caramel 500g of milk 6 yellow 70g of caster sugar 1 packet of vanilla sugar...

Pear/speculos improvised verrine

For 5 generous glasses (I use glasses ... so it's very generous ......)

1 box of pears in syrup

1pack of speculos roughly crushes

some liquid caramel

500g of milk

6 yolks

70g of caster sugar

1 bag of sugar vanilla

20g maize

You pour all the milk, yolks, sugar, maszena and vanilla sugar in the bowl of the cook'in, program7 minutes to 80 ° c in speed 3. At the END ring, a turbo stroke (5 seconds) Let cool.

Pour the equivalent of a big soup spoonful of cream in the bottom of the verrines, cubes the pears you share in the verrine over the cream (1poire: 1verrine) generously pour speculos crushes, pour a fillet of caramel and enjoy .....

 Pear/speculos improvised verrine
 Pear/speculos improvised verrine
 Curry rice and merguez

Ingredient: rice for 2.1 cac curry. 1 onion.4 merguez. Cook the rice in the rice cooker with the curry spoon, during this time, slice the onion and sauté it in the pan. Remove from the pan and cut the merguez in 6 or 8 and Grill......

Pork Cross

Preparation time: 20 minutes Cooking time: 30 minutes Ingredients (4 servings): - 1.2 kg of pork beans - 4 cloves of garlic - 2 tablespoons of vinegar - 3 tablespoons of oil - 6 spoonfuls of soy sauce - 3 spoonfuls ......


Thank you "Crazy crazy" for the recipe. 1 puff pastry 50g sugar 50g almond powder 25g flour 1cas rum 1 egg Preheat oven to 180 * Combine all ingredients except puff pastry ... Hihi hihi Line a plate of parchment paper .......

 Olives marinated with thermomix or cook'in

I confess I did not do the thermomix but in a Tupperware with a spoon .... It annoyed me to have to wash the bowl for so little ...... Attute fleimalgie ..... The recipe was taken on the blog whose link is above. Ingredient: 170 g of olives ......