INGREDIENTS (for about 4 jars like "good mom" 2 boxes crushed tomatoes 4 red sea peppers canned 500 g onion 10 cl balsamic vinegar 650 gr jam sugar Peel, cut onion into cubes. the vegetables...

Onion and tomato jam

INGREDIENTS (for about 4 pots type "good mom"
2 boxes of crushed tomatoes and 4 sea red peppers that can be found canned 500 g onion
10 cl of balsamic vinegar
650 gr of jam sugar

Eplucher , cut the diced onion, put the vegetables in a saucepan and mix them with the sugar and vinegar.

Bring to a boil and let simmer for 15 minutes. regularly and skim if necessary, plunge jars and lids and put them on a clean cloth to dry.

Check if jam is taken by pouring a teaspoon over a cold saucer.If the jam freezes, it is ready, if it is not the case, continue cooking a few minutes.

Fill the pots to the edge, screw the lids and return the pots to chase the air. Leave to cool and tags ....

Onion and tomato jam
Onion and tomato jam
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