Water: 5 cl Sugar powder: 125 g Honey: 25 g Gelatin sheet (s) of 2 g: 4 piece (s) White (s) of egg: 2 piece (s) Pink dye: 2 pin (s) Ice sugar: 50 g Corn starch: 50 g In a saucepan, mix the water with the sugar and the honey, and cook ...


Water: 5 cl
Sugar powder: 125 g Honey: 25 g
2 g gelatin sheet (s): 4 piece (s)
Egg whites: 2 piece (s) - Pink dye: 2 pinch (s)
Icing sugar: 50 g
Corn starch: 50 g

In a saucepan, mix the water with sugar and honey, and bake at 121 ° C. Soften the gelatin in cold water. Fit the whites until they are firm. Mix the drained gelatin in the syrup out of the heat. Pour this mixture into fillets on the whites while continuing to beat and until the mixture cools. Add the dye and beat again until you get a nice smooth meringue. On a silicone sheet, sprinkle with the icing sugar mixture. Then roll out the marshmallow dough or layer small marshmallows in the shape of your choice using a piping bag. Sprinkle the marshmallows lying down with the icing sugar mixture and leave to rest. Cups of cubes with a powdered knife of icing sugar mixture. Coat the cubes with this mixture, then sift them to remove the excess.

Mustard chicken with oven

chicken thighs (I cut a whole chicken) 2 tbsp. mustard soup 2 tablespoons olive oil salt, black pepper, ground coriander 2 cloves of garlic 1 onion bay thyme 1 c acpaprika in the pot mix all your ingredients, let marinz .......

 Olives marinated with thermomix or cook'in

I confess I did not do the thermomix but in a Tupperware with a spoon .... It annoyed me to have to wash the bowl for so little ...... Attute fleimalgie ..... The recipe was taken on the blog whose link is above. Ingredient: 170 g of olives ......

 Tarte tatin like Christophe michalak

I chose to present my pies tatin with a caramel cage that I tried to do, but hey, it was not great as you can see in the photo ...... Also served with a quenelle of unsweetened vanilla whipped cream. Ingredients ......

 Apple pie in my way

A completely improvised Tartopom. Ingredients a puff pastry, four medium sized apples of 150 cl of cold whole cream, three tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk, vanilla flavor, 100 g of sugar 50 g of butter. Preheat your oven ......