Ingredients for 4 4 homemade panini breads 2 tomatoes Tomato sauce 4 white ham slice 8 slices hamberger cheese 1 mozzarella ball Cut the pieces in half lengthwise Spread a little tomato sauce

Country Panini

 Panini Panini

Ingredient for 4

4 homemade panini breads

2 tomatoes

Tomato sauce

4 slice ham white


8 hamberger cheese slices

1 mozzarella ball

Cups half lengthwise

Spread a little tomato sauce

Place 2 slices ham ham cheese on each panini

Place the ham

Tear the mozzarella cheese and scatter it over the ham.

p> Close the panini

Put in the meat grill 5 min and enjoy with a green salad.

You can change the contents of your panini, bacon, goat cheese etc ....

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