This is a recipe that I have already made, it is important to choose a good muesli, in the one I took, I had to add dried apricots and raisins. 500g of Muesli mixture 1 can of concentrated sweet milk mix all with wooden spoon and ...

Cereal bar with muesli

It's a recipe I've already done, it's important to choose his muesli, in the one I took, I had to add dried apricots and grapes.500g of Muesli mixture

1 box of sweetened condensed milk

Mix the whole thing with the wooden spoon and spread the milk over the whole muesli.

go back in a mold flexipan (because it was perfect to unmould) I took the square mold tablet

well pack in the mold

bake in a hot oven at 180 °, cook for 45 min. wait until it cools completely because it also hardens and will be easier to cut ... it's better, it's cut the next day or evening .. with the help of a big and good big knife, cut in square or in bar ..

you can leave it like that or dive into the chocolate and let it harden.

 Muesli cereal bar
 Good Weekend

recipes simple, fast and according to my mood and my courage ......

 Pear/speculos improvised verrine

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